Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2002/2003, Volume 38/39

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1Linking Models of Species Occurrence and Landscape ReconstructionErica Fleishman, Ralph Mac Nally1 - 4
2 Effectiveness of Road Tunnels for the Santa Cruz Long-Toed SalamanderMark L. Allaback, David M. Laabs5 - 8
3Response of California Red-Legged Frogs to Removal of Non-Native FishJeff A. Alvarez, Carissa Dunn, Andrea F. Zuur9 - 12
4Toxicity of Malathion and Roundup? to the San Diego Fairy ShrimpBonnie J. Ripley, Kirsten C. Davis, B.J. Carter13 - 21
5Pintail North-South Flight Paths in the Grassland Ecological AreaJoseph P. Fleskes22 - 26
6Use of Night Vision Technology to Study Kit Fox BehaviorJames D. Murdoch, Katherine Ralls, Brian L. Cypher27 - 28
7Use of a Hair-Sampling Tube to Detect the San Joaquin Kit FoxHoward O. Clark, Jr, Brian L. Cypher, Patrick A. Kelly, Daniel F. Williams, Steven D. Clifton29 - 30

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