Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2004, Volume 40

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1Introduction to the Panel Discussion on the 50th Anniversary of the Western Section of the Wildlife SocietyBarrett A . Garrison1 - 2
2What it Was Like in the 1950?s and 1960?sWalter E. Howard3 - 8
3Some Observations on the Western Section of the Wildlife Society, 1970-1990Michael T. Chapel9 - 12
4Observations of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society and the Wildlife Profession, 1990-2003Barrett A. Garrison13 - 25
5The Future of the Western Section of the Wildlife SocietyReginald H. Barrett26 - 29
6Genetic Variation and Clonal Distribution of Quaking Aspen in the Central Sierra NevadaValerie D. Hipkins, Jay H. Kitzmiller32 - 44
7Overwinter Storage of Carbohydrate in AspenWayne D. Shepperd, Donald R. Reichert, Stephen A. Mata45 - 48
8Sexual Distribution of Aspen in the Sierra NevadaDavid Burton49 - 51
9Techniques to Restore Aspen Forests in the Western U.S.Wayne D. Shepperd52 - 60
10An Implementation Monitoring Protocol for AspenDavid Burton61 - 67
11Effects of Conifers on Aspen-Breeding Bird Communities in the Sierra NevadaT. Will Richardson, Sacha K. Heath68 - 81
12Distribution and Habitat Use of Pacific Pond Turtles in a Summer Impounded RiverDavid G. Cook, Jessica Martini-Lamb84 - 89
13Bird Habitat Use and Bird-Aircraft Strikes at Beale Air Force Base, CaliforniaJames W. Cain III, Dianna M. Queheillalt, Michael L. Morrison, Kirsten Christopherson90 - 100
14Effects of Environmental Conditions on Owl Responses to Broadcast CallsRyan P. O?Donnell101 - 106
15Using Archaeological Remains to Document Regional Fish Presence in Prehistory; A Central California Case StudyKenneth W. Gobalet107 - 113
16Closing Canopies and Changing Trophic Energy Pathways in Western Conifer Forests: Where do we go from here?David O. Smith114 - 119
17A Test of the Judas Technique as a Method for Eradicating Feral PigsJeffery T. Wilcox, Erik T. Aschehoug, Cheryl A. Scott, Dirk H. Van Vuren120 - 126
18Occurrence of California Mule Deer in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaHoward Clark127 - 128

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