Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2001, Volume 37

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1California Department of Fish and Game Biological Resources Information SystemRichard G. Burg, Barrett A. Garrison1 - 7
2A New Wildlife Sighting Reporting and Database System For Lassen Volcanic National ParkJohn D. Perrine, Jonathan F. Arnold8 - 15
3Identification of Southern Californian Branchinectid Cysts (Crustacea, Anostraca) Using RAPD-PCR Species Specific MarkersJacob A. Moorad, Marie A. Simovich, Michael S. Mayer16 - 21
4Westerm Pond Turtles (Clemmys marmorata) in the Central Valley of California: Status and Population StructureDavid J. Germano, R. B. Bury22 - 36
5Distribution and Habitat Associations of the Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus) in CaliforniaKevin W. Hunting, Sam Fitton, Leo Edson 37 - 42
6Utility Pole Use and Electrocutions of Raptors at Beale Air Force Base, CaliforniaHeather L. Keough, Michael L. Morrison, Kristen Christopherson43 - 46
7Assessing Deer-Vehicle Collision Risk: A Risk Index for TexasMichelle L. Shuey, Neil Cadle47 - 54
8Transportation Impacts to Wildlife on State Route 37 in Northern San Pablo Bay, CaliforniaBryan R. Winton, John Y. Takekawa55 - 60
9Clinical Findings in Kit Foxes and Deer Mice From an Oil Field EnvironmentKristin G. Charlton, David W. Hird, Steven M. Griffey, Joseph G. Zinkl, Linda K. Spiegel61 - 65
10The Structure of California Ground Squirrel Burrows: Control ImplicationsAre R. Berentsen, Terrell P. Salmon66 - 70
12Factors Influencing Space and Prey Use by San Joaquin Kit FoxesMarni E. Koopman, Brian L. Cypher, Dale R. McCullough77 - 83
13Space Use and Movements by Kit Fox Family MembersBrian L. Cypher, Marni E. Koopman, Dale R. McCullough84 - 87
14Assessing Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Movements During High Tides, San Pablo Bay, CaliforniaMiriam D. Hulst, Linnea S. Hall, Michael L. Morrison, Michael A. Bias88 - 91

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