Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1998, Volume 34

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1Avian Habitat Use and Flight Behavior in Relation to Bird-Aircraft Strikes in Western U.S. Agricultural LandsAmy J. Kuenzi, Michael L. Morrison1 - 8
2Effects of Subdividing Private Property on Biodiversity in California's North Coast Oak WoodlandsAdina M. Merenlender, Kerry L. Heise, Colin Brooks9 - 20
3Initial Response of Woodrats to Prescribed Burning in Oak WoodlandJustin K. Vreeland, William D. Tietje21 - 31
4Patterns of Black Bear AbundanceK. Shawn Smallwood32 - 38
5A Discussion of the Development of the Nevada Chapter of the Wildlife Society Position Statement "Influence of Fire on Wildlife Habitat in the Great Basin", August 1998James D. Yoakum, Phillip B. Davis39 - 41
6Influence of Fire on Wildlife Habitat in the Great Basin: A Position Statement By the Nevada Chapter-The Wildlife Society, August 16, 1998James D. Yoakum, Phillip B. Davis42 - 57

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