Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1997, Volume 33

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1Use of Echolocation Calls for the Identification of Free-Flying BatsMichael J. O'Farrell1 - 8
2Diet of Coyotes at Lemoore Naval Air StationAmy J. Kuenzi9 - 11
3Use of Night-Vision Goggles, Light-Tags, and Fluorescent Powder for Measuring Microhabitat Use of Nocturnal Small MammalsRoberta J. Fargo, William F. Laudenslayer12 - 17
5Bird Mortality at Rotor Swept Area Equivalents, Altamont Pass and Montezuma Hills, CaliforniaJudd A. Howell24 - 29
6Characteristics of Nest Trees and Nest Sites of California Spotted Owl in Coniferous Forests of the Southern Sierra NevadaGeorge N. Steger, Thomas E. Munton, Kenneth D. Johnson, Gary E. Eberlein30 - 39
7Monitoring Bank Swallow Populations on the Sacramento River: a Decade of DeclineRonald W. Schlorff40 - 48
8Kauai's Endangered Solitaires: Update on Population Status and Distribution 1996Michelle H. Reynolds, Thomas J. Snetsinger, Christina M. Herrmann49 - 55
9A Hierarchical Strategy for Sampling Herpetofaunal Assemblages Along Small Streams in the Western U.S., with an Example From Northern CaliforniaHartwell H. Welsh, Garth R. Hodgson56 - 66
10The Use of Plywood Coverboards to Sample Herpetofauna in a California Oak WoodlandWilliam D. Tietje, Justin K. Vreeland67 - 74
11A Method for Reducing Mortalities in Pitfall TrapsNina Kogut, W. Douglas Padley75 - 78
12Biology of the California Red-Legged Frog: A SynopsisDavid Cook79 - 82
13Recent Advances and Applications of the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships SystemsKevin W. Hunting83 - 87
14Animal Burrowing in the Waste Management Zone of Hanford Nuclear ReservationK. Shawn Smallwood, Michael L. Morrison88 - 97

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