Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1996, Volume 32

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1Monitoring Trends in Bird Populations: Addressing Background Levels of Annual Variability in CountsJared Verner, Kathryn L. Purcell, Jennifer G. Turner1 - 7
2Water-Bird Use of Seasonal Compared to Tidal Wetlands San Francisco Bay, CaliforniaRoger D. Harris, Stephen L. Granholm8 - 17
3Recent and Historical Raptor Populations in Fresno, Madera, and Merced Counties, CaliforniaTim Schweizer, David L. Chesemore18 - 22
4Response of a Remnant Population of Endangered Waterbirds to Avian BotulismMarie P. Morin23 - 33
5Decline of Kangaroo Rats During a Wet Winter in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaJeffrey R. Single, David J. Germano, Marcia H. Wolfe34 - 41
6Overview of Opportunities to Design Future Urban Wildlife Habitat in the San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaJeffrey R. Single42 - 45
7Challenges of Managing Urban Black-Tailed Deer in Northern Monterey County, CaliforniaBruce Elliott46 - 47
8Linking GIS to Urban Crow Roost ManagementW. Paul Gorenzel, E. Lee Fitzhugh, Terrell P. Salmon48 - 54
9Influence of Fire on Great Basin Wildlife HabitatsGeorge E. Gruell55 - 61
10Individual Differences in Detecting Habitat Elements in the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships SystemBrian B. Boroski, Reginald H. Barrett, Susan D. Draper, John G. Kie62 - 67
11Sharing Common Ground: Livestock and WildlifeJoe Guild68 - 70
12A Discussion of the Development of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society Position Statement Entitled "Livestock Foraging Effects on Wildlife on Rangelands in the Great Basin", September 1995Jim D. Yoakum, Phillip B. Davis71 - 78

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