Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1999, Volume 35

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1The Status of Tipton Kangaroo Rats and the Potential for Their RecoveryCurtis E. Uptain, Daniel F. Williams, Patrick A. Kelly, Laurissa P. Hamilton, Martin C. Potter1 - 9
2Translocation of the Endangered San Bernardino Kangaroo RatMichael J. O'Farrell10 - 14
3Management of Small Mammals in a Relict Grassland in California's Central ValleyAnne Poopatanapong, Douglas A. Kelt15 - 21
4Occurrence and Prevalence of Three Rodent Species on the Naval Petroleum Re-Serves: Sampling ImplicationsMark R. M. Otten, Brian L. Cypher22 - 28
5Effect of Subsidized House Cats on California Birds and Rodents Cole C. Hawkins, William E. Grant, Michael T. Longnecker29 - 33
6Prey Selection by Juvenile Bullfrogs in a Constructed Vernal Pool ComplexPeter S. Balfour, Steven R. Morey34 - 40
7Acorn Yields in Three Coastal-Central California Counties During 1988-1997William D. Tietje, Sergio L. Garcia, William H. Weitkamp, Wayne A. Jensen, Justin K. Vreeland41 - 49
8A Mounting Technique for Trailmaster Camera Systems to Monitor DeerBarrett A. Garrison, Robin L. Wachs, Terry A. Giles, Matthew L. Triggs50 - 56
9Case Study: Cajon Creek Habitat Conservation Management AreaLinda Mitrovich, Sharon Lockhart, Douglas W. Sprauge57 - 62
10Efficacy of Habitat Reclamation for Endangered Species at the Elk Hills Oil Field, CaliforniaJay M. Hinshaw63 - 70
11Are House Counts Reliable Estimators of Dusky-Footed Woodrate Population Size?Roberta J. Fargo, William F. Laudenslayer71 - 75
12Suggested Study Attributes for Making Useful Population Density EstimatesK. Shawn Smallwood76 - 82
13To Advocate or Not: Values, Objectivity, and Professional CredibilityDale R. McCullough83 - 88

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