Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1983, Volume 19

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1The Salton Sea and the Push for Energy Exploration of a Unique EcosystemGlenn F. Black1 - 14
2Popultation Fluctuations and Genetic Differentiation in the Humboldt Cutthroat Trout of Gance Creek, NevadaWilliam S. Platts, Rodger L. Nelson15 - 19
4A Preliminary Report on the Effects of a Deferred-Rotation Grazing System on Wildlife at the Sheldon National Wildlife RefugeJohn L. Oldemeyer, Stephen J. Martin, Steven G. Woodis26 - 42
5The 1978 Relocation of Tule Elk at Fort Hunter Liggett - Reasons for Its FailureMichael T. Hanson, James M. Willison43 - 49
6Preliminary Analysis of Transmission Line Imapct on Desert Bighorn Sheep Movement PatternsDavid W. Stevens50 - 54
7Short-Term Effects of Habitat Management on Small Vertabrates in ChaparralRonald D. Quinn55 - 66
8Spring Ranges, Food habits, and Habitat Utilization of Ringtails in the GeysersAllan J. Brody, Donald B. Koch67 - 75
9Bird Movements and Collision Mortality at a Large Horizontal Axis Wind TurbineSheila Byrne76 - 83
10Canvasback and Redhead Productivity at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge Stephen H. Bouffard84 - 90
11Ten Tears of Testing for Waterfowl Food Plants in CaliforniaRaimond F. Clary, Harry A. George91 - 96
12The Light-footed Clapper Rail: Distribution, Nesting Strategies, and ManagementRichard Zembal, Barbara W. Massey97 - 103
13Man and Wildlife -- The Competition for SpaceM. Rupert Cutler105 - 113
14The California Energy OutlookKaren Edson114 - 117
15Environmental Studies fo Pacific Gas and Electric's Geothermal and Hydroelectic ProjectsMarilyn Keller118 - 121
16A Federal Wetlands Preservation Program for CaliforniaGary W. Kramer, Jack Helvie122 - 125
17Steel Shot: A National PersectiveTom Roster126 - 137
18Problems of Managing Sea Otters in CaliforniaCarl Benz138 - 143
19Conflicts Between the Fringe-toed Lizard and Development in the Coachella ValleyWilbur W. Mayhew144 - 147
20The Coachella Valley, an Endangred Ecosystem Progress Report on Conservation and Management EffortsA. Sidney England148 - 156
21Coordinated Resource Management and Planning - Winning Compromises in Resource CompetitionDelmer L. Albright157 - 161
22Prescribed Burning for Habitat Improvement Using the HelitorchScott R. Florence162 - 167
23The Ecological Significance of Fire in ChaparralSusanne M. James168 - 173
24Prescribed Burning Blackbrush for Deer Habitat ImprovementPatricia A. Bates174 - 182
25Commercial and Recreational Potential of the Striped Bass X White Bass HybirdMichael J. Massingill, Timothy A. Hovanec, Jon C. Van Olst, James M. Carlberg183 - 187
26Commercial Feasibility of White Sturgeon Culture in CaliforniaKen E. Beer188 - 189
27A General Description of Sturgeon Aquaculture Currently Being Conducted at the University of California at DavisGeorge Monaco190 - 190

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