Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1982, Volume 18

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1Evaluating Management Alternatives for the Santa Lucia Deer Herd in Monterey County, CaliforniaTerry M. Mansfield, Donald S. Pine1 - 8
2Growth and Population Structure of the Mohave ChubMichael Havelka, Christine A. Booth, Karen G. Whitney, Charles E. Whitney9 - 15
3A Nematode Infection in the Northern Anchovy from San Francisco Bay William Eaton, H. Robinson, H. Hassur, J. Hendricks16 - 26
4The California Wildlife/Fish Habitat Relationships SystemWilliam E. Grenfell, Hal Salwasser, William F. Laudenslayer27 - 33
5California's Wildlife Information System and its Application to Resource DecisionsHal Salwasser34 - 39
6Fish and Wildlife Habitat Capability Models and Special Habitat CriteriaJanet F. Hurley, Hal Salwasser, Karen Shimamoto40 - 48
7California Natural Diversity Data BaseBlair Csuti49 - 54
8An Inventory System for Assessing Wildlife Habitat Relationships in ForestsMark Dedon, Reginald H. Barrett55 - 60
9Management Problems Associated with the Recovery Plan for the Salt Harvest Mouse and California Clapper RailHoward S. Shellhammer61 - 63
10Volunteers and Wildlife Habitat Management: Twelve Years TogetherVernon C. Bleich, Lester J. Coombes, Glenn W. Sudmeier64 - 68
11Habitat Management to Control Ground Squirrel PopulationsWilliam Klitz69 - 74
12Infa-red Aerial Mapping of Potential Black-Footed Farret Habitat in WyomingJim Bredy, Steve Coy75 - 77
13The Angel Island Deer Herd: A Case History of Wildlife Management ControversyAudrey E. Goldsmith78 - 82
14Why Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists aren't Treated Like DoctorsJud Monroe83 - 87
16The Professional Natural Resource Manager: Training the UniversityReginald H. Barrett92 - 94
18The National Estuarine Sanctuary Program and Research Opprotunities at Elkhorn SloughKen C. Moore102 - 105

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