Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1981, Volume 17

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1In Stream Flow Requirements for Dinkey Creek, Fresno CountyDennis P. Lee1 - 10
2Mechanisms of Prey Selectivity in the Piute Sculpin (Cottus beldingi)Kim Kratz, G.L. Vinyard11 - 18
3Distribution and Status of Fishes of the Genus Gila (Cyprinidae) in the Northwestern Great BasinJack E. Williams, Cynthia D. Williams19 - 24
4Status and Management of the Coast Cutthroat Trout (Salmo clarki clarki) in CaliforniaEric R. Gerstung25 - 32
5Use of Hybrid Sunfish in Ponds or Small ImpoundmentsEric M. Hallennan, David P. Philipp, Manijeh Pasdar33 - 37
6The Utilization of Shallow Marsh Habitats by Commercially Important Fishes in Elkhorn Slough, CaliforniaJames P. Barry38 - 47
7Distribution and Status of Native Fishes of the Railroad Valley System, NevadaCynthia D. Williams, Jack E. Williams48 - 51
8A Review of Several Methods for Aging Elasmobranchs Gregor M. Cailliet, David Kusher, Linda Martin, Patricia Wolf52 - 61
9A One-Year Survey of Recreational Clamming on the Morro Bay Mud Flats for the Period of April, 1979 to March, 1980 SURVEY OF RECREATIONALJohn J. Mello62 - 67
10Fawn Mortality in the North Kings Deer Heard: Some Preliminary ResultsDonald L. Neal68 - 71
11Pneumonia in Bighorn Sheep: Effects on PopulationsDavid A. Jessup72 - 78
12Reproductive Success, Nest Selection and Management of Ospreys at Lake Almanor, California, 1969-1980Daniel A. Airola, Noel Shubert79 - 85
13Some Responses of Resident Animals to the Effects of Fire in a Coastal Chaparral Environment in Southern CaliforniaH. Elliott McClure86 - 99
14The Soboba Project: Preliminary Evaluation of Habitat Improvement TechniquesThomas A. Roberts100 - 105
15Methodologies for a Comprehensive Wildlife Survey and Habitat Analysis in Old-Growth Douglas-Fir ForestsMartin G. Raphael, Reginald H. Barrett106 - 121
16The Influence of Wildlife-Related Variables on Teacher Adoption of Environmental EducationJon K. Hooper122 - 131
17The Sagebrush RebellionBernard Shanks133 - 136
18Wildlife Biologists, EIS's, and Resource DecisionmakingWilliam Haigh137 - 143
19Ash Meadows ScenarioPeter G. Sanchez144 - 147
20Can We Save Our Anadromous Fish Resources in Small Coastal Streams? - A Look at the Past, Present and FutureWillis A. Evans148 - 154
21Night Lighting: A Technique to Locate and Capture FawnsGeorge N. Steger, Donald L. Neal155 - 158
22Goats in California Brushland: Benefits and Hazards to WildlifeLee Fitzhugh159 - 162
23Fifteen Years of Shrub Testing for Upland Game HabitatRaimond F. Clary, Larry McKibben163 - 168
24Re-establishing the Harris' Hawk on the Lower Colorado RiverGlen R. Stewart169 - 175
25California's Citizen Supported Captive Raptor Breeding Program, 1970-1980Ronald W. Schlorff176 - 180
26Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Prescribed BurningRichard E. Hafenfeld181 - 183

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