Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1980, Volume 16

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1The Relationship of Food Conversion Efficiency and Growth Potential in Juvenile Mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis) RELATIONSHIP OF FOOD CONVERSION EFFICIENCY ANDJoseph J. Cech, Micheal J. Massingill, Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh1 - 5
2The Status and Nongame Values of Carson Lake, NevadaRobert J. Turner6 - 10
3Methodology for Defining Fisheries Habitat Capability and SuitabilityAlbert W. Collotzi11 - 14
4Mapping California's "Areas of Special Biological Importance"Glenn Gephart15 - 21
5A Preliminary Study of Stream Fish Respiration in Cycling Temperatures and Its Potential Influence on Growth RatesBruce Vondracek, J.J. Cech22 - 26
6Mitigating the Effects of Reservoir Development in Black-tailed Deer in Trinity County, CaliforniaJohn G. Kie, John W. Menke, James R. David, William M. Longhurst27 - 40
7Predicting Effects of Management Alternatives on Fisheries Resources Paul Brouha41 - 46
8Nutritional Modeling of Mule Deer: A Potential Technique for the Assessment of Habitat Quality and Carrying CapacityDon Spalinger47 - 63
9Perspectives on National Forest Fishery Values for Land-Use PlanningFred H. Everst64 - 70
10Man - Wildlife Relationships on GuamMichael E. Wheeler71 - 77
11The Influence of Six Rivers National Forest Timber Harvest on Salmon Fisheries: Forest Service Allegations in Search of Scientific SupportJohn H. Grobey78 - 91
12A Multiple Resource Inventory for Multiple Use Land Management DecisionsDonald J. Armentrout, Mack R. Barrington92 - 99
13Effects of Water Developments on the Lower Colorado RiverMichael K. Saiki, David M. Kennedy, Jerry C. Tash100 - 111
14Approaches to Chaparral Management for WildlifeThomas A. Roberts112 - 119
15Fisheries Input into Land Management Planning in the Forest Service, Region 5Willis A. Evans120 - 130
16The Lassen-Washoe Interstate Deer Herd: A Status Report Recent Studies and ImpactsKarl S. Kahre131 - 138
17Remote Sensing Applications for Wildlife Habitat ManagementPaul T. Teuller139 - 143

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