Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1979, Volume 15

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1Some Aspects of Pronghorn Ecology and Management in Northeastern CaliforniaHal Salwasser, Karen Shimamoto1 - 10
2Capture and Radio Telemetry of Desert Bighorn SheepDavid W. Stevens11 - 18
3Western Gray Squirrel Studies at the Geysers-Calistoga Known Geothermal Resource AreaDaniel J. Hall19 - 26
4The Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse (Reithrodontonys raviventris haliceotes) and the Montezuma Power Plant SiteH. S . Shellhammer27 - 32
5Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) Activities within the Vicinity of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, 1973-1978Suzanne V. Benech33 - 44
6California's Freshwater Environmental ProblemsRobert B. Haussler45 - 54
7Evaluation of the Effects of Different Streamflow Releases on Trout Habitat Below Hydroelectric Diversion Dams: Two Case StudiesPaul F. Kubicek55 - 68
8Assessing the Impact of Power Plants on Striped Bass (Morone Saxatilis) in the Sacramento-San Joaquin DeltaSamuel R. Casne, Jonathan G. Goyert, David F. Hanson69 - 73
9Impacts and Opportunities for Aquatic Biota Associated with Energy Development in NevadaDavid L. Koch74 - 77
10Geothermal Energy and the EnvironmentRichard T. Forester78 - 82
11Effects of Livestock Grazing on WildlifeSteve Gallizioli83 - 87
12Effects of Overgrazing on the Lizards of Five Upper and Lower Sonoran Habitat TypesK. Bruce Jones88 - 101
13Fire Dynamics in ChaparralC.W. Philpot102 - 103
14Post Fire Reptile SuccessionMarie A. Simovich104 - 113
15Effects of Fire on Birds in ChaparralWilliam O. Wirtz114 - 124
16Effects of Fire on Small Mammals in the ChaparralRonald D. Quinn125 - 133
17A Decision Maker's Point of View on Fire in ChaparralAllan J. West134 - 137
18Comparison of Avian and Mice populations in an Introduced Eucalyptus Grove versus Native Costal CommunitiesMichael T. Hanson, Greg A. Forbes, Craig R. Smothers138 - 143
19Techniques for Conducting Terrestrial Habitat Survey in East-Central NevadaScott R. Robinson, Wayne D. Logan144 - 148
20The Marianas Fruit Bat: Management History, Currently Status and Future PlansMichael E. Wheeler149 - 165
21A Radio Telemetry Study of Fishers in Northwestern CaliforniaSlader Buck, Curt Mullis, Archie Mossman166 - 172
22The Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard Hybrid in Ballinger CanyonMonty E. Montagne174 - 176
23Effects of Fire on Deer in ChaparralG. C. Ashcraft177 - 189
24Bureau of Land Management Wildlife Policy and Practice - 1975 James B. Ruch190 - 195

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