Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1978, Volume 14

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1Drought Impacts on Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation in Northern CaliforniaRalph N. Hinton1 - 6
2Impacts of the 1976-77 Drought on the Northern Nevada FisheriesPatrick Coffin7 - 13
3Experimental Culture of the Giant Malaysian PrawnRobert E. L. Taylor14 - 17
4Restoration Status of the Cui-cuiGary M. Sonnevil18 - 22
5Snags, Wildlife, and Forest Management in the Sierra NevadaMartin G. Raphael, Marshall White23 - 41
6Management of Black Bears and Humans in Yosemite National ParkDavid Graber, Marshall White42 - 51
7A Simulation Model for Management of Black Bear Problems in Sequoia National ParkMichael E. Walraven52 - 64
8Food Habits of the River Otter in Suisun Marsh, Central CaliforniaWilliam E. Grenfell65 - 73
9Capturing and Translocating Tule ElkWilliam E. Clark74 - 78
10Ecology and Management of Ground Squirrels in North-Central NevadaStephen H. Jenkins79 - 91
12Livestock Interactions with Upland Game, Nongame, and Waterfowl in the Great Basin: A Workshop SynopsisWilliam A. Molini97 - 103
13Washington's Salmon Management After Recent Court Decisions on Indian Rights Duane E. Phinney104 - 114
14An Indian Perspective of Anadromous Fisheries ManagementPhilip B. Roger115 - 121
15A Biological Assessment of Largemouth Bass Tournaments in Southern NevadaRobert C. Allan122 - 126
16Migratory Behavior of Lahonton Cutthroat Trout (Salmo clarki henshawi) Utilizing Radio TelemetryRandy Bailey, David Patula, Micheal Green, Richard Weeks, Francis Long127 - 136
17Wildlife and Land Development: A Unique and Positive Approach to Multiple Use Land DevelopmentAlan Epperson137 - 141
18Wildlife Habitat Assessment at the Geysers Geothermal FieldJanet F. Hurley142 - 158
19The Influence of Livestock Grazing on Non-Game WildlifeJerry L. Page, Norris Dodd, Tim O. Osborne, Jennifer A. Carson159 - 173
20Mountain Lion Predation on Livestock in CaliforniaLarry W. Sitton, Susan Sitton, Dick Weaver174 - 186
21Wild Pig Management on a California Public Hunting AreaTerry M. Mansfield187 - 201
22The Gray lodge Wildlife Area: History and Notes on Wildlife Populations, 1931-1978John B. Cowan202 - 208
23Investigations of Waterfowl Lead Poisoning in CaliforniaKen C. Moore209 - 220
24Steel Shot: Recent Developments and Gaining an UnderstandingTom Roster221 - 237
25Biology of Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri), Brown Trout (S. trutta) and Interior Dolly Varden (Salvelinus confluentus) in the McCloud River, California, in Relation to ManagementJames A. Sturgess, Peter B. Moyle238 - 250
26Wildlife Problems in Urban AreasJack K. Traub251 - 257
27Indian Fishing Rights: Where Are We - How Did We Get Here - and Where Are We Going?Bob Azevedo258 - 269
28Cattle Grazing on the Great Basin Deer Winter RangeDonald L. Neal270 - 270

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