Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1977, Volume 13

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1The Relationship between Doe Conditions and Fetal Growth in Mule DeerStephen A. Holl1 - 9
2An Alternative Approach for Developing Intake Velocity Design CriteriaC. H. Hanson, J. R. White, H. W. Li10 - 18
3Investigations of Waterfowl Lead Poisoning in CaliforniaKen Moore19 - 26
4Significance of Microhabitat Selection for Fishes in a Sierra Foothill StreamD. W. Alley, H. W. Li27 - 33
5Water Management in a Commercial Shellfish HatcheryRichard A. Eissinger34 - 37
6Status of the Sea Otter Population in California and Potential Management of Otter and Shellfish ResourcesDaniel J. Miller38 - 48
7Game/non-gamefish Relationships in the Streams of the Clear Lake BasinThomas L. Taylor49 - 59
8Status of the Genus Tilapia in California's Estuarine and Marine WatersEric H. Knaggs60 - 67
9Proposed Management of Aspen Habitat in Northern NevadaG. L. Schenbeck, E. A. Dahlem68 - 74
10Goshute Creek Habitat Improvement for an Endangered Subspecies of Cutthroat TroutWayne D. Logan75 - 79
11Potential Western Grebe Extinction on California LakesJ. L. Feerer, R. L. Garrett80 - 89
12Fate of 14c-Benzene (An Aromatic Hydrocarbon of Crude Oil) in a Simple food Chain of Rotifers and Pacific erring LarvaeMaxwell B. Eldridge, Tina Echeverria90 - 96
13Nesting on Water Bank Lands in Merced CountyRandall L. Gray, Ronald F. Schultze97 - 102
14Pollution Related Alteration of Southern California Demersal Fish CommunitiesJames Allen103 - 107
15Status of the California Desert Prairie Falcon PopulationDouglas A. Boyce, R. L. Garrett108 - 111
16Analysis of the Clear Lake Commercial Fishery using Different Surplus Yield ModelsHiram Li, Nancy J. Mosman112 - 117
17Some Potential Uses of Industrial Waste Water in Fish CultureScott L. Hennessy118 - 124
18Development of High Density Culture Techniques for Lobsters and Other CrustaceansJames M. Carlberg, Jon C. Van Olst125 - 136
19Wildlife Managers and Land UseWayne Long139 - 141
20The Engines of Public OpinionJohn Madson142 - 148
21Wildlife 2000 - It's Happening in the Classroom Right NowRudy Schafer149 - 155

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