Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1976, Volume 12

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1An Evaluation of Water Temperature and Its Effects on Juvenile Steelhead Trout in Geothermally Active Areas of Big Sulphur CreekPaul F. Kubicek, Donald G. Price1 - 24
2Winter Range Food Habits of the North Kings Deer HerdCharles J. Evans, Robert D. Haines, David L. Chesemore25 - 37
3Hypolimnetic Aeration as a Fisheries Management TechniqueArlo W. Fast38 - 44
4The California Condor Recovery PlanSanford R. Wilbur45 - 47
5The California Condor at Mount Pinos, California: The Impacts of Deer HuntingDirk Van Vuren48 - 52
6Evaluation of Habitats Resulting from Stream Bank Protection Projects in Siskiyou and Mendocino Counties, CaliforniaDavid W. Patterson53 - 59
7Ecological Studies and Reproductive Status of the NutriaLarry N. Brown60 - 64
8Recovery Program for the Endangered Aleutian Canada GooseG. Vernon Byrd, Paul F. Springer65 - 73
9The California Deer Decline and Possibilities for RestorationW. M. Longhurst, E. O. Garton, H. F. Heady, G. E. Connolly74 - 103
10200 Years of Habitat Change: For Better or WorseRichard J. Vogl104 - 111
11The Critical Role of Local Elected OfficialsRichard J. Krejsa113 - 120
12The Role of the Corps of Engineers -- Protecting! Enhancing! Advising!Howard L. Lieberman121 - 124
13Role of Local Government in Wildlife ConservationRon Johnsen125 - 129
14The Role of County Planning DepartmentGreg Collins130 - 132

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