Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1984, Volume 20

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1Funding for Fish and Wildlife ResourcesGordon K. Van Vleck1 - 6
2Fish and Wildlife Values: New Clout for a Conservation EthicHal Salwasser, Reginald H. Barrett, Cindy Sorg7 - 11
3Developing a Habitat Management Plan for Private LandE. Lee Fitzhugh, Ronald H. Zinke, Ray Conway12 - 19
4The Three "Rs" of Resource Program FundingRichard H. Stroud20 - 25
5Riparian Revegetation in CaliforniaRandall L. Gray, Robert Snieckus, Glenn Wilcox26 - 32
6Assisting Private Landowners with Wetland Habitat Development in CaliforniaScott E. Frazer, Gary W. Kramer33 - 38
7Funding for Fish and WildlifeJohn Beuttler39 - 41
8Population Growth and Dispersal of Reintroduced California Bighorn in Northwestern NevadaMichael C. Hansen43 - 49
9Estimating Wildlife Production with Habitat ModelsJames M. Sweeney50 - 54
10Himalayan Snowcocks - Nevada's Newest Upland GameSan J. Stiver55 - 58
11The Physiological Effects of ElectrofishingLee Emery59 - 72
12Analyizing Wildlife Habitats at the Project Level: An Evlauation MethodClinton McCarthy, Christina Hargis73 - 80
13Patterns of Habitat Utilization in Six Species of European and American TitsKathleen E. Franzreb, Barbara J. Franzreb81 - 88

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