Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2007, Volume 43

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1Cougars, Connectivity, & Missing Linkages:Two Decades of Expanding Vision & PartnershipsPaul Beier1 - 7
2Large Scale Planning for ConnectivityAdina Maya Merenlender8 - 10
3Repairing Road System Impacts on Landscape ConnectivityFraser Shilling11 - 18
4Bald Eagle Nesting in Relation to Human Disturbance Sources in the Lake Almanor Region, CaliforniaDaniel A. Airola19 - 26
5The San Joaquin Kit Fox in North-Central California: A ReviewHoward O. Clark, Jr., Ronald R. Duke, Mary C. Orland, Richard T. Golightly, Susan I. Hagen27 - 36
6Analysis of San Joaquin Kit Fox Element Data with the California Diversity Database: A Case for Data ReliabilityHoward O. Clark, Jr., Darren P. Newman, Susan I. Hagen37 - 42
7Rodent Diversity, Vegetation Complexity, and Patch Size in Remnant Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat of Southern CaliforniaDavid J. Germano43 - 55
8A Novel System for Capture and Immobilitation [Immobilization] of Striped SkunksStephen W.R. Harrison, Brian L. Cypher, Alexander D. Brown56 - 61
9California Least Tern Habitat Enhancement and Nesting in the East Bay Regional Park District, CaliforniaDavid L. Riensche62 - 71

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