Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2006, Volume 42

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1Are We Clearing the Way to Future Understanding Through MonitoringJudd A. Howell1 - 3
2Designing Science-Based Monitoring Programs for Regional Multispecies Conservation PlansBrenda S. Johnson4 - 7
3Adaptive Management in the Sierra Nevada: Can it be done and, if so, how?Peter Stine8 - 15
4Control of Watering Point Access Using Machine Vision Classification of AnimalsNeal A. Finch, Peter J. Murray, Mark T. Dunn, John Billingsley16 - 19
5A History of Species Introductions in Gwaii Haanas and Gulf Islands National Park Reserves in British Columbia, Canada: Implications for ManagementTodd Golumbia20 - 34
6Efficacy of Helicopter Net-Gun Capture on Coyotes in Arid Shrubland and Grassland HabitatsJulia L. Nelson, Brian L. Cypher, Robert A. Teagle35 - 39
7Fecally Transmitted Viruses Associated with Pacific Fishers (Martes Pennanti) in Northwestern CaliforniaRichard N. Brown, Mourad W. Gabriel, Greta Wengert, Sean Matthews, J. Mark Higley, Janet E. Foley40 - 46
8Detections of Pacific Fisher Around Shasta Lake in Northern CaliforniaLen Lindstrand III47 - 52
9Efficacy of Feral Pig Removals at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Hawai`ISteven C. Hess, John J. Jeffrey, Donna L. Ball, Lev Babich53 - 67

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