Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1991, Volume 27

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2Partnerships in Resource Policy and Legislation: A Federal PerspectiveHarley L. Greiman11 - 16
3Wildlife and Livestock Grazing Alternatives in the Sierra NevadaJohn G. Kie17 - 29
4A Study Design to Provide Information for Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard ProgramsAmy Jo Kuenzi, Laura Ellison, Michael L. Morrison, Steven Kovach, Clinton Miller30 - 36
5Innate Response of the San Francisco Garter Snake and the Alameda Whipsnake to Specific Prey ItemsSheila S. Larsen, Karen E. Swaim, Samuel M. McGinnis37 - 41
6Goat Removal From Aguijan Island: Lessons for Future EffortsClifford G. Rice42 - 46
7Removing Feral Pigs from Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaJ. David Sterner, Reginald H. Barrett47 - 53

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