Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1990, Volume 26

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2Modeling Habitat Capability for Forest Wildlife in Southeast Alaska Using a Corporate DatabaseLowell H. Suring, Eugene J. Degayner1 - 7
4Historical Effects of Logging on the Forests of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Ranges of CaliforniaWilliam F. Laudenslayer, Herman H. Darr12 - 23
5Monitoring Marsh Management on the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge ComplexJ. Gregory Mensik, Patrick O'Halloran24 - 28
6Converting Rice Fields to Natural Wetlands in the Sacrameto Valley of CaliforniaMark A. Strong, J. Gregory Mensik, Daniel S. Walsworth29 - 35
7Ground Brood Counts to Estimate Duck Production on Two Habitats in Western AlaskaRandi R. Anderson, Scott R. Robinson36 - 43
9Wild Turkey: Computer-Based Consultation ProgramWilliam D. Tietje, Leanne W. Lasarow57 - 60
11Tranquilizer Darts as a Capture Method for Free-Ranging Black-Tailed DeerRobert M. Ferris68 - 71
12Epidemiology and Pathology of Hemorrhagic Disease in Free-Ranging Black-Tailed Deer in CaliforniaThierry Martin Work, David A. Jessup72 - 76
13Serodiagnosis in Wildlife ManagementJonna A.K. Mazet, Walter M. Boyce77 - 79
14Selenium Concentrations in Blood of Free-Ranging Mule Deer in CaliforniaMichael N. Oliver, Gloria Ros-McGauran, David A. Jessup, Ben B. Norman, Charles E. Franti80 - 86
15Selenium Supplementation of Mule Deer in CaliforniaMichael N. Oliver, David A. Jessup, Ben B. Norman87 - 90
16Distribution and Abundace of Rodents in Agroforestry Plantations in the San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaAndrew R. Dyer, Troy D. Kelly, David L. Chesemore91 - 96
17Impact of Agroforestry Plantations Grown With Agricultural Drainwater on Avian Abundance in the San Joaquin Valley, CaliforniaTroy D. Kelly, Andrew R. Dyer, David L. Chesemore97 - 103

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