Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1988, Volume 24

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2Californias' Attitudes Toward and Use of Fish and Wildlife ResourcesJon K. Hooper, James E. Fletcher1 - 7
4Alternative Views of Reserve Design for Wildlife ManagersCharles Van Riper III, James F. Quinn12 - 17
6Management of Feral and Exotic Game Species on GuamPaul J. Conry26 - 30
7Demise of an Insular Avifauna: The Brown Tree Snake on GuamJohn Engbring, Thomas H. Fritts31 - 37
8Management of Fruit Bats on YAP, Caroline Islands: Past and Future ChallengesMarjorie C. Falanruw38 - 41
9Alien Plants and Their Management in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkLinda W. Cuddihy, Charles P. Stone, J. Timothy Tunison42 - 46
10Removing Feral Pigs from Annadel State ParkReginald H. Barrett, Buddy L. Goatcher, Peter J. Gogan, E. Lee Fitzhugh47 - 52
12Current Multiresource Inventory Data: Implications for ManagementJeanine M. Branam, Michael G. Buck68 - 71
13Restoring Critical Habitat for Hawaii's Endangered Palila By Reducing Ungluate PopulationsPaul G. Scowcroft, C. Eugene Conrad72 - 79
14Reforestation Research in Hakalau Forest National Wildlife RefugeC. Eugene Conrad, Paul G. Scowcroft, Richard C. Wass, Donovan S. Goo80 - 86
15Watershed Management and Forestry in Upcountry Maui, HawaiiRobin S. Vora87 - 93
16Leucena Research for Hawaiian Forest and Rangeland ApplicationsRobert A. Wheeler, James L. Brewbaker94 - 97
17Breeding Biology of the California Clapper Rail in South San Francisco BayThomas E. Harvey98 - 104
18Livestock Management and Productivity of Willow Flycatchers in the Central Sierra NevadaBradley E. Valentine, Thomas A. Roberts, Stephen P. Boland, A. Peter Woodman105 - 114
19Breeding Bird SurveysLaudenslayer115 - 120
20Evaluating Avian-Habitat Relationships in Red Fir Forests of the Sierra NevadaSallie J. Hejl, Jared Verner121 - 134
21Humans, Bears and Redwoods: A need for Applied EnvironmentalismGegory A. Giusti, Robert H. Schmidt135 - 143
23Habitat Sustainability Rating For Wild Hourses and Burros in NevadaDonald J. Armentrout, Rodger Bryan, Richard Wheeler148 - 151

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