Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1987, Volume 23

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1Tule Elk Management: Problems Encountered with a Successful Wildlife Management ProgramDonald B. Koch1 - 3
2Are We Ready for the Next Ten Years?Jack C. Parnell4 - 7
3The Importance of Credibility to Wildlife BiologistsRichard L. DeChambeau8 - 9
4A Legislator's Perspective on Wildlife ManagementJames A. Costa10 - 11
5Wildlife Management Accountability: Public Interest, Natural Diversity, and Political ActionRichard A. Spotts12 - 13
7California in the Year 2000: Resources and DemographicsRobert A. Ewing16 - 20
8Americans Outdoors: Preparing for the 21st CenturyHal Salwasser21 - 26
9The Partnerships of Today and TomorrowJay D. Hair27 - 30
10The California Nature Conservancy: Turning Land Protection Opportunities into AccomplishmentsRobert B. Hansen31 - 32
11Coordinationg Wildlife Management with Hardwood Conservation the Extension ApproachRobert H. Schmidt, William D. Tietje33 - 35
12A Geo-Based Resource Information System with Applications for Monitoring Wildlife in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National ParksDavid M. Graber36 - 40
14The Potential for Feral Cat Control Through CooperationArlette Gilson, Terrell P. Salmon, Margaret S. Kelley46 - 49
15Extension, Regulation, and Wildlife Damage Control: An Example form Western AustraliaTerrell P. Salmon50 - 53
16Characteristics of Fund-Raising Solicitations by Environmental and Animal Rights OrganizationsRobert H. Schmidt54 - 57
17Implementing California's Deer Herd Management PlansDouglas R. Updike58 - 59
18Mountain Sheep Reintroduction in The Central Sierra: A Cooperative EffortJeffrey A. Keay, John D. Wehausen, Christina D. Hargis, Richard A. Weaver, Thomas E. Blankinship60 - 64
19Mountain Sheep in California: A Historical Perspective on 108 Years of Full ProtectionJohn D. Wehausen, Vernon C. Bleich, Richard A. Weaver65 - 74
20Pronghorn Management in CaliforniaL. Bud Pyshora75 - 80
22Creative Approaches to Aspen Management for WildlifeElaine J. Zieroth83 - 85
24Results of a Membership Questionaire for the Western Section of the Wildlife SocietyRobert H. Schmidt91 - 96

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