Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1973, Volume 9

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1Inventory of Golden Eagle Nests in Elko County, Nevada Jerry L. Page, Donald J. Seibert1 - 8
2Fish Population and Yield Estimates from California Trout StreamsEric R. Gerstung9 - 19
3Raptor Rehabilitation at the Alexander Junior MuseumJim Wisecarver, Gary Bogue20 - 24
4The Cache Creek Tule Elk RangeGary J. Ferrier, Edward C. Roberts25 - 34
5Habitat Use by Mourning Doves in Northern NevadaKeith I. Giezentanner35 - 39
6Protected Waterways and Wild and Scenic RiversG. E. Delisle40 - 43
7Movements of Roosevelt ElkH. Stevan Logsdon44 - 52
8North Kings Fawn Production and Survival: A Progress ReportHal Salwasser53 - 55
9California Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction to the Charles Sheldon Antelope RangeJack L. Richardson56 - 59
10Recent Changes in the Fish Fauna of the San Joaquin River SystemPeter B. Moyle60 - 63
11A Challenge of Accepted Concepts Involving Catch Per Unit of Effort DataJohn Radovich64 - 67
12The California Condor: A Cooperative Approach to Endangered Species PreservationW. Dean Carrier68 - 75
13Rise and Fall of the Market Crab IndustryW. A. Dahlstrom76 - 79
14Effects of artificially Reduced Streamflow on a Small Steel Head StreamDon Erman, Jan Elizabeth Fichtel, Robert Emil King, Philip Neal80 - 89
15King Range National Conservation Area Aquatic InventoryNeil B. Armantrout90 - 96
16Snags, Chainsaws and Wildlife: One Aspect of Habitat ManagementRobert M. Gale97 - 111
17The Human Environment -or- Who Needs EcologyRichard S. Croker112 - 121
18Waterfowl observations While Canoeing Canada's Mackenzie RiverJohn B. Cowan122 - 126
19The Role of the California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission in Protecting the California CoastThomas A. Crandall127 - 131
20The Emerging Australian Environmental ProgramJack C. Fraser132 - 133
21Land Development and Fish and Wildlife ProtectionEric R. Gerstung134 - 138

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