Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1972, Volume 8

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1Fish Population Recovery Following Chemical Treatment of Stream Eric R. Gerstung1 - 6
2Osprey Management on the Lassen National ForestJack R. Kahl7 - 13
3Marine Inshore Ecological MethodsDan B. Odenweller14 - 16
4Bighorn Sheep Investigations in CaliforniaRichard A. Weaver17 - 19
5Water Birds and the San Francisco Bay Oil SpillRobert W. Lassen20 - 24
6San Diego Coyote Study: Development of a Coyote Population Dynamics ModelCraig D. Swick25 - 30
7Investigations on the Status of the California Mountain LionLarry W. Sitton31 - 34
8Panel: Agricultural Waste DisposalVictor P. Osterli35 - 42
9The California Department of Fish and Game's Marine Culture LaboratoryEarl E. Ebert43 - 46
10A Preliminary Report - The California Prairie Falcon Nesting Survey, 1971R. L. Garrett, D. J. Mitchell47 - 55
11Heavy Metal Concentrations in Brown Pelicans from Florida and CaliforniaPeter G. Connors, Victor C. Anderlini, Robert W. Risebrough, John H. Martin, Ralph W. Schreiber, Daniel W. Anderson56 - 64
12Deer Crossing Structures for Highspeed Multilane HighwaysWarren E. Kelly65 - 68
13Lake Nasser, Its Fish, and Its FisheriesJohn W. DeWitt69 - 72
14California Clapper Rail Investigations in South San Francisco BayRobert Gill73 - 81
15The Ely ChainDonald R. Cain82 - 86
16"Wait a Minute"Frank Groves88 - 91
17The 1971 EQ Index and Its ImplicationsWilliam L. Reavley92 - 95
18Engineers, Environment and InvolvementCharles R. Roberts96 - 99
19Environmental Quality Decisions and Water Quality ControlL. R. Dunham100 - 103
20Professional Society Advocacy and BiopoliticsFred G. Evenden104 - 106
21Effects of Man on the Forest EnvironmentEdgar Wayburn107 - 112

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