Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1969, Volume 5

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1Deer Forage Palatability, Digestibility and ManagementW. M. Longhurst, J. H. Oh, M. B. Jones, M. B. Jones1 - 7
2The Relationship of Sage Grouse to Upland Meadows in Nevada David E. Savage8 - 17
3Pesticides and Reproductive Failure in the OspreyDonald L. MacCarter, James R. Koplin, Douglas S. MacCarter18 - 24
4The Crisis in Environmental QualityRaymond F. Dasmann25 - 29
5Remarks of Senator Alan BibleAlan Bible30 - 36
6The Dos Rios ProjectRichard Wilson37 - 39
7The Production and Consumption of WildlifeWilliam G. O'Regan40 - 43
9The Politics of Natural ResourcesSamuel E. Wood53 - 61
10Bird NavigationRon C. Dillaway62 - 71
11The SCS in Wildlife ManagementEugene A. Whitaker72 - 80
12Gun Legislation - A Threat to the Pittman-Robertson ActLeslie E. Lahr81 - 94
13The Professional Biologist's Role in Conservation ConflictWilliam L. Reavley95 - 99
14Bettering Communications between Sportsmen's Organizations and The Wildlife SocietyVernon J. Smith100 - 102
15The Professional Biologist's Role in Conservation ConflictTom Riley103 - 106

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