Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1968, Volume 4

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1Movements and Behavior of Alaskan Spruce Grouse During the Breeding SeasonLaurence N. Ellison1 - 11
2Wildlife Benefits from Resource Planning - The Land and Water Conservation Fund ProgramTemple A. Reynolds12 - 16
3The Sea Otter in California's WildlifeEarl E. Ebert17 - 21
4Wild Turkey for the FutureWalton A. Smith22 - 24
5Aggression in the Social Behavior of Roosevelt ElkJames Lieb25 - 32
6Out Vanishing EstuariesA. S. Boughey33 - 38
7The Impact of Management of Giant Sequoia Stands on Breeding Bird PopulationsBruce M. Kilgore39 - 43
8The Wildlife Resource in California's FutureRobert L. Jones44 - 49
9Water Resource Development and UseJohn R. Teerink50 - 55
10Meeting Nevada's Resource NeedsElmo J. DeRicco56 - 62
11Equal Billing - Wildlife is a Protected PurposeJohn A. B. Dillard63 - 69
12Public Role in Resource DevelopmentNorman B. Livermore, Jr.70 - 73
13Private Interest in Resource ManagementE. E. Hall74 - 80
14Public Lands - The Future for Development and UseNolan F. Keil81 - 87
15Wildlife Recreation on Private Land - A Look to the FutureWayne Long88 - 92
16Present Concern with Rare and Endangered SpeciesRichard G. Miller93 - 99

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