Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

2005, Volume 41

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1A Computer Program for Guilding Species? Responses to Habitat Changes Based on the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships SystemBrett J. Furnas, Robert J. Laacke1 - 10
2Variables Influencing Predation of Artificial Duck Nests in Northwest Coastal CaliforniaMatthew D. Johnson, Tia L. Adams, Tammy M. Branston, Ryan D. Clark, Whitney B. Crombie, Donna L. Germann, Alicia D. M. Ives Ringstad, Heather Langendorf, Jennifer L. Moore11 - 20
3A Compilation of Observations of Alameda Whipsnakes Outside of Typical HabitatJeff A. Alvarez, Mary A. Shea, Amanda C. Murphy21 - 25
4Observations of Upland Habitat Use by California Tiger Salamanders Based on Burrow ExcavationsBrian T. Pittman26 - 30
5Habitat Quality: A Brief Review for Wildlife BiologistsMatthew D. Johnson31 - 41
6Fragmentation of Terrestrial Habitat: An Overview for Wildlife BiologistsBarrett A. Garrison42 - 58

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