Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1985, Volume 21

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1Professionalism--Commitment Beyond EmploymentJack W. Thomas1 - 10
2Balancing Professional and Personal CommitmentsThomas M. Franklin11 - 15
3Commitment and Your Professional SocietyE. Charles Meslow16 - 18
4When Your Professional Commitment and Employers ConflictJim Yoakum19 - 23
5Wildlife Damage Control: A Challenge to Wildlife ProfessionalsRobert M. Timm25 - 30
6Decision-making Variables in California Ground Squirrel ManagementRobert H. Schmidt, Terrell P. Salmon, Dennis C. Stroud31 - 36
7Bird Damage Control: Are Chemical Repellents the Answer?Mark E. Tobin, A. Charles Crabb37 - 46
8Techniques Used in Rodent Control to Safegaurd Nontargt WildlifeRex E. Marsh47 - 55
9Effectivness of Reduced Strength Strychnine Baits for Ground Squirrel ControlJohn O'Brien56 - 60
10Chemosterilants as a Management Option for Deer on Angel island: Lessons LearnedFred L. Botti61 - 65
11A Preliminary Report on the Biology of the Willow Flycatcher in the Central Sierra NevadaMichael D. Stafford, Bradley E. Valentine66 - 77
12Design and Analysis of Mountain Lion Track SurveysE. Lee Fitzhugh, W. Paul Gorenzel78 - 87

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