Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

1966, Volume 2

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1Your Society, Your Profession, and YouFred G. Evenden1 - 6
3Parasitism in the Fishes of the Moapa River, Clark County, NevadaBrian L. Wilson, James E. Deacon, Glen W. Bradley12 - 23
4Killing the Goose with the Golden Egg, or the Educated American with the Midas TouchJ. Martin Winton24 - 28
5Why Should I Join the Wildlife Society - How Would It Benefit Me?J. Harold Severaid29 - 33
6Deer Habitat Investigations on the Humboldt National ForestGeorge Gruell34 - 39
7Additional Studies of Anomalies of the Skull in Desert Bighorn SheepL. Glenn Allred, Lee R. Baker, W. Glen Bradley40 - 47
8Field Studies Involving some of the Effects of Parathion on the Agricultural Avifauna in Lovelock, NevadaDavid Salter48 - 54
9A Preliminary Report on a Model for Range and Big Game ManagementDale R. McCullough55 - 60
10Range Use by Deer at Hastings Reservation a Determined by Pellet CountKeith L. White61 - 63
11Biological Survey of San Francisco Bay 1963 - 1965J. A. Aplin64 - 84
12The Tule White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons gambelli) in the Sacramento Valley, CaliforniaSanford R. Wilbur85 - 92
13Fall-Winter Food of California Quail as Influenced by WeatherDon A. Duncan, Paul W. Shields93 - 100
14Wildlife Services - New Division of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries & WildlifeJoe E. Miner101 - 105
15Nevada's Experience with the Himalayan Snow PartridgeGlen C. Christensen106 - 109
16Aspects of International WildlifeRichard Miller110 - 114
17The Sportsmen's Interest in Public LandsCliff Young115 - 118

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