Don Yasuda; California Biodiversity Council, Interagency Alignment Team; 4277 Patterson Dr, Diamond Springs, CA, 95619; (530) 409-5405;; Kamyar Guivetchi, Denny Grossman
The California Biodiversity Council (CBC) was formed in 1991 to improve coordination and cooperation between the various resource management and environmental protection organizations with a stake in conserving biodiversity in California. Currently membership includes over 40 organizations at federal, state, and local levels. The preamble statement originally made in 1991 remains true today that “To effectively conserve California's biological resources and maintain social and economic viability, public agencies and private groups must coordinate resource management and environmental protection activities, emphasizing regional solutions to regional issues and needs. The CBC issued a resolution in 2013 to Strengthen Agency Alignment for Natural Resource Conservation and created an Interagency Alignment Team. In 2014 a second resolution to Implement the Strategic Growth Council's Integrated Regional Planning Initiative was adopted. The importance of coordination, collaboration, and partnerships was reaffirmed with the signing of an Executive Order in September 2018 by California Governor Jerry Brown establishing the California Biodiversity Initiative. Examples of interagency coordination and collaboration by the CBC and members will be provided as a means to explore new opportunities to contribute to successfully supporting the California Biodiversity Initiative's three immediate steps to understand, protect, and manage California's biodiversity and seven broad Roadmap areas.
Wildlife Professionals: Agency Coordination & Collaboration