Ryan M. Leahy; National Park Service; PO Box 577, Yosemite, CA, 95389; (209) 372-0476; ryan_leahy@nps.gov; Caitlin J. Lee-Roney, Katie M. Patrick, Rachel Mazur, Katie Patrick
Yosemite National Park has over a one hundred and fifty year history of human-bear incidents. Problems peaked in 1998, when Yosemite recorded over 1500 human-bear incidents. Since that time, Park managers have drastically reduced that number to a low of under 20 in 2018. Success came as a result of funding, research, bear-proofing, enforcement, and new educational programs. It also came as a result of instituting new technologies. Two of the most successful of these were upgraded VHF collars to GPS collars, and creating an interactive website to teach people about the Park's bears. We discuss how we use these technologies and suggest ways others may do the same.
Yosemite Restoration II