Korinna Domingo; Mountain Lion Foundation; 1225 8th St #435, Sacramento, CA, 95814; (818) 415-0920;;
The Mountain Lion Foundation has been actively collaborating with agencies including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, UC Davis Wildlife Health Center, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 4-H, and the UC Hopland Research & Extension Center to reduce the number of mountain lions (Puma concolor) killed on depredation permits. The partnerships have demonstrated non-lethal protection for people, pets and livestock, and have implemented direct measures in response to specific conflicts. Nonprofit organizations become effective partners by listening carefully to agency staff, identifying those areas where agencies lack resources or capacity to accomplish common goals, and offering to fill those gaps. A comprehensive new agency-sanctioned California Mountain Lion Brochure was created under the leadership of WildFutures. With CDFW, the Mountain Lion Foundation is developing a suite of educational brochures to address remains disposal, deterrent devices, hazing, enclosures, fencing, guardian animals, and large herd husbandry. As with similar collaborative carnivore protection efforts throughout the West, long-term solutions require mutual acceptance of a dearth of longitudinal scientific data, development of clearly communicated action models, and solutions that are both sensitive to local differences and scalable to large landscapes.
Wildlife Professionals: Agency Coordination & Collaboration