Hannah Fertel; East Bay Municipal Utility District; 500 San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda, CA, 94563; (510) 986-7667; hannah.fertel@ebmud.com; Jessica Purificato, Jonathan D. Price
East Bay Municipal Utility District manages 140 ponds over 29,000 acres of watershed land under a Low-Impact Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). The HCP, implemented in 2008, was created to protect and enhance the habitat of several native species found on the watershed, including the California red-legged frog - federally threatened species. One of the long-term projects intended to maintain and expand CRLF populations on EBMUD watershed lands has been the restoration of ponds to increase habitat integrity and suitability for CRLF breeding. This has usually been accomplished through alteration of the depth or shape of a pond to impact a pond's hydroperiod. Over the 10 years since the inception of the HCP, 36 ponds have been restored to promote CRLF reproduction. Though many of the restored ponds now support breeding populations of CRLF, these restoration efforts may have unintended consequences, as prolonging a pond's hydroperiod has been found to facilitate the presence of invasive bullfrogs as well. This project seeks to review CRLF and bullfrog populations in these watershed ponds before and after treatment to evaluate the relative success of the restoration efforts and inform future management decisions.
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