Madeleine J. Wieland; California Department of Fish and Wildlife; P.O. Box 944209, Sacramento, CA, 94244; (916) 322-9680;; Ryan L. Mathis
The California Endangered Species Act (CESA) prohibits the hunting, pursuit, catch, capture, or kill of listed or candidate species. Many of these species occur primarily or exclusively on privately owned property. Private landowners are often willing participants in efforts to recover listed species; however, some may be reluctant to support or attract listed species on their properties, due to concern about land use restrictions that may occur if listed species colonize on their property or subsequently increase in numbers as a result of land management. Safe Harbor Agreements (SHAs) encourage landowners to voluntarily manage their lands to benefit listed species without subjecting those landowners to additional regulatory restrictions as a result of their conservation efforts. Through a SHA, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) can authorize incidental take (take that results from, but is not the purpose of, an otherwise lawful activity) of a listed species if implementation of the agreement is reasonably expected to provide a net conservation benefit to the species, among other provisions. In addition, at the end of the agreement period, participants may return the enrolled property to the baseline conditions that existed at the beginning of the SHA. SHAs promote conservation and recovery while protecting landowners. Get yours today!
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