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Landscape damage costs prompted the Villages, a gated community located in the eastern foothills of San Jose, to implement a deer reduction plan. A proposed deer cull was abandoned in favor of doe sterilization in part because of public safety issues. A count in January, 2013, by the contractor who did the sterilizations identified 175 deer - 105 does that were tagged for sterilization and 70 bucks. Since then a group of volunteers has regularly counted the deer every several months by driving golf carts around in assigned areas and spotting the deer at dusk. The count from July, 2016, identified 68 adult deer - 57 tagged does and 11 males. An intensive camera survey was also initiated at this time and over several months found no deer that the volunteers had not counted; supporting the reliability of the volunteer's counting efforts. Because there has been no migration of new deer into the community and given the community decision to maintain the deer population at 70 to 90 deer, a goal of the camera survey has been to identify modifications needed to fencing that would allow new deer to enter. A website to support the project is at
Inputs and Methods for Conservation Planning and Ways to Measure Success