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California Wolf Center

Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization for Wildlife Professionals

This three-day classroom and hands-on lab experience addresses all aspects of the capture and handling of captive and free-ranging wildlife. The materials and concepts are applicable to a broad array of animal handling situations.  Participants will gain invaluable experience through extensive laboratory work and field practice. Each day includes a hands-on lab, and the entire third day is devoted to working with veterinarians conducting an annual veterinary examination of captive non-tame wolves.  The seminar will also increase the ability of participants to capture escaped animals and to safely contain and potentially evacuate animals in the event of emergencies.

The course is at the California Wolf Center, Julian, California from January 13-15, 2011.

Safe-Capture International Inc.

Safe-Capture International Inc. organizes several workshops focused on the chemical immobilization and handling of animals. Courses focus on wildlife, animal control, exotic and zoo species, elk and deer species, and non-human primates. These courses are designed to provide hands-on experience in animal capture, immobilization pharmacology, monitoring techniques, data collection, and safety. Safe-Capture International Inc. has been used by both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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